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Holiday Clinic

Not playing for your school team this season? We have several training options available.

Holiday Clinic: December 31st – January 3rd

5th-8th Grade: 10am-12pm for $150
9th-12th Grade: 12pm-3pm for $170


In this clinic the athlete will learn the fundamentals of overhand serving by working on body positioning, consistent tossing, and the various contact points on the ball. For the more advanced server this clinic will provide instructions on the various jump serves, and or top spin serve. All servers will learn the zones and how to serve to those zones.


In this clinic the athlete will learn the proper footwork patterns needed for setting, hand placement on the ball that will allow them to execute side setting, back setting, jump setting forward, jump setting back, and lastly spin setting. By learning all of these skills this will allow the athlete to set to various locations on the court.

Hitting & Blocking

In this clinic the instructor will go over the proper approaches for attacking front row or back row, and proper arm swing mechanics. With the use of these skills the athlete will have a better understanding of various ways to score with the use of swinging cross court, the line shot, tipping to various locations on the court, hitting off speed shots, and tooling the block. Along with hitting, the athlete will learn proper blocking mechanics. In the blocking segment, the athlete will learn the proper starting position at the net, various footwork patterns, shoulder, arm and hand positioning to become a more efficient and effective blocker.


In this clinic the athlete will learn all the necessary tools needed for both forearm and overhead passing. Proper footwork, movement and body positioning will be covered. Drills will include movement drills without a ball to help with the fundamentals of serve receive, and defense. Once the athlete has learned the proper movement and fundamentals of forearm passing and overhead passing then drills with a ball will be introduced. This is done so the athlete can put everything together in a close to game like scenario.

All Skills

This clinic will cover all the proper techniques for passing, serving, setting, attacking, blocking and game strategies. Each skill will be broken down and taught individually through technique specific drills and game like scenarios.